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Virtual Reality and the Viking Winter Camp at Torksey

The Yorkshire museum opens a new exhibition: Viking: Rediscover the Legend. On display are many objects from the museum itself, as well as from the British Museum. An extra treat is the virtual reality of the Viking Great Army winter camp at Torksey, Lincolnshire, c. 872 CE.

If you want to read more about the camp at Torksey before heading to the museum, there are a few places to look. More information is available on web pages of the universities of Sheffield and York. They co-organised the excavation of the winter camp between 2011 and 2015.

Among their most important publications is an Open Access article published in 2016. It explains how the evidence at the camp forces us to rethink the activities of the Great Viking Army. How large was the army really? How was daily life in the camps, especially for metalworkers? What was the reason for the strategic location of the camp? The insightful articles can be found here.

Trailer of Viking: Rediscover the Legend

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