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Virtual Vikings at the Museum

Last updated 25 April 2020

It is mindboggling to realise that so many people around the world are stuck in the same situation. Please take care to stay safe and healthy. And whether you are alone or in good company, biding your time and looking to relax a little: how about taking a virtual stroll through a museum? Here is a list where you can go:

The British Museum

(Source: Wikipedia / Luke Massey)

Oslo National Museum

(Source: Pexels / Bright Kane)

Haithabu Open Air Museum

(Source: Wikipedia / Siegbert Brey)

Jorvik Viking Centre

(Source: Wikipedia / Chemical Engineer)

National Museum of Denmark

(Source: Wikipedia / Xiquinhosilva)

Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

(Source: Wikipedia)

Arkeologisk Museum, Norway

(Source: Wikipedia / Jarvin)

Vikings in the East Midlands

(Source: Wikipedia / Robin Boulby)

Google Arts and Culture

(Source: Wikipedia / Pete Fecteau).

Do you know or have you seen more great online museums or exhibitions!

Do share in the comments so we can all enjoy!

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